My name is Stephanie and I live in my Airstream travel trailer with 2 cats and a pretty darn cool hubby. We are traveling across the USA in search of new ingredients to cook with and hopefully meet a few friends along the way.


Street 14 Cafe, Astoria, Oregon

How did this Happen?

I moved to Seattle from San Francisco to attend graduate school in photography at the University of Washington. My plan was to live in Seattle for just 2 years and then move back to the bay area.

Well, as the story goes, I ended up meeting my husband and soon 21 years had passed. Of course a lot of stuff happened during that time so I'll be brief. After I got my MFA in photography it became clear I would have to leave Seattle, which at the time I was not ready to do so I returned to do work as a graphic designer. Eventually, my passion for food reared it's ugly head so I opened a bakery. After 14 years in the bakery business, it became clear I was searching for another way to express my love for food. What better way than to travel? The bakery has been sold, as was the house, and about 95% of our possessions were donated and we now live in a 190 SF Airstream (29 feet by the way) and are on the road, no place or no where in particular, just what feels right.